Frappe VS Latte

Frappe VS Latte ? Which one is better

Coffee drinkers have been thrilled for decades by cafes and their outstanding baristas. Whether it’s the new variation, frappuccino, or a standard Greek Frappe. On the other hand, there is the latte. “A latte, please”, you’ll often hear, as the barista gets to work. This goodness of Frappe vs Latte has become a popular discussion globally and there is always a debate as to which one is better. In a few minutes, you’ll get to know the differences and next time you visit a cafe you can have have a refreshing, great-looking, fancy coffee drink of your choice between the two. 

So What is a Frappe?

The frappe was invented by a Nescafe representative in Greece in 1957, and it has since become quite a popular drink. Frappe is a French name, meaning iced drinks or drinks chilled with ice. 

It’s a cold or iced coffee drink made with instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk. A frappe can be made with a shaker, a blender, or a frappe maker. 

Traditionally, frappes are made with coffees but there are other delicious flavorful frappe beverages with hot chocolate, tea, or juice. And although they are made with instant coffees, research tells us that they have a higher caffeine content compared to a latte that is made with a shot of espresso. 


Frappes are a foamy, refreshing, and delicious drink that is usually blended and mixed with crushed ice, which makes using an ice crushing blender better than using a shaker when making a frappe. 

What then is a Latte? 

While a frappe is made with instant coffee, milk, water, and sugar, a latte is made with a shot of espresso and steamed milk. It is essentially a hot coffee drink. An espresso is erroneously considered to be generally stronger than regular coffee and contains more caffeine but there are coffees like black coffee that has a considerably higher volume of caffeine. And frappe has slightly higher caffeine content than a latte.  

The name is of Italian origin, meaning ‘milk coffee’ but the hot coffee has gained worldwide recognition and it is highly favored in America. It generally is less foamy than a frappe and it’s made with about 5 – 8 ounces of hot steamed milk and 1 shot of espresso. While latte is generally considered to be a hot coffee beverage, there are some consumers who also enjoy having a cold latte made with chilled milk and a shot of espresso over ice. 

In this article we are going to be looking at the differences between the two delicious and refreshing drinks and what makes them irresistible to their various enthusiasts. 

Let’s establish some differences, shall we?

Frappe is a COLD Coffee Drink while Latte is predominantly a HOT Coffee Drink 

Frappes are coffee drinkers’ favorite especially during hot summer days because of its cold, frosty, and frothy refreshingly delicious taste. 

A frappe is beaten, shaken, or blended to produce a delicious and foamy drink. Ice can also be added before or after adding your preferred coffee, milk, sugar, and water. Some coffee makers also prefer using an ice-breaking blender that would crush the ice and mix everything into a tall cold glass of delicious coffee. 

A latte, on the other hand, is mostly a hot coffee drink. A shot of espresso added to the steamed milk is what makes a latte different from every other coffee. The steamed milk is what makes the latte a hot beverage. However cold lattes can also be made but they are not as popularly and widely consumed as the hot latte. A cold latte is made with chilled milk and poured over a shot of espresso and ice. 

Hot lattes are mostly consumed in the mornings and during cold weather. It’s warm, comforting, and delicious. 

Latte uses Espresso Shots while Frappe uses Instant Coffee

Like we’ve established, espresso is what makes latte special and different from other hot coffee drinksLatte is known to give its drinkers a boosting kick and it’s because of the espresso. An espresso is a concentrated coffee because it’s prepared with a pressurized brewing process. A latte wouldn’t be a latte without an espresso. 

Latte Coffee

By contrast, a frappe drink is made with instant coffee. Some coffee makers prefer using Nescafe instant coffee. Of course other products can be used but because Nescafe was originally used when frappe was discovered, most cold coffee makers like to stick with it. 

Frappe has a Wide Variety of Recipes while Latte has a Standard Recipe

Frappe is predominantly made with instant coffee, milk, water, and sugar crushed and blended with ice but over the years coffee makers have veered into making and customizing their own signature frappe drinks with hot chocolate, tea, juice, and even ice cream. To make a standard cup of frappe drink, you’d need a shaker, a frother, or a blender or basically anything that you can shake without spilling. Then add 2 teaspoons of instant coffee, 2 teaspoons of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of cold water. 

More or less coffee can be added depending on the consumer. Cover the shaker or blender and shake or blend for about 30 seconds, this will give you a foamy consistency. Add some ice cubes into a glass cup and slowly pour the foamy mixture into the glass. Add water to fill up the glass but also leave some space if you want to add some milk. Evaporated cold milk is mostly preferred and this can also be topped with whipped cream and toppings like cherries. 

The instant coffee can be mixed with sugar and whipped to give a full and creamy consistency before proceeding with the methods. This gives the frappe a frothier and creamier feel. Some coffee makers also like to give their frappe drinks different flavors, like strawberry or banana flavor. Extracts of these flavors could be added to the mixture before or after shaking the ingredients together to give a different flavor. Also ice-cream can also be incorporated into the frappe drink.

Coffee is prepared the same way, whipped or incorporated into the shaker or blender with the other ingredients directly, and then mixed and added to a glass with ice. A scoop of ice-cream is then added to the glass of frappe. Sweetened or unsweetened cream can also be added, any way you choose to go with your glass of frappe, it’s a truly delicious, cold and refreshing drink. 

Latte is more or less prepared the same way globally. 5 – 8 ounces of hot steamed milk and 1 shot of espresso for a standard latte cup. However if you want to make a bigger cup of latte, then 2 shots of espresso and 6 – 8 ounces of steamed milk would give you a delicious large cup of latte. 

A cup of latte can be topped with foam for extra flavor and also for artistic presentation. 

Caffeine Content in Frappe and Latte

A cup of frappe coffee has an average caffeine content of about 70mg – 120mg while a cup of latte coffee has an average caffeine content of 60mg – 100mg, according to the National Coffee Association. Essentially, as we’ve established before, a cup of frappe has higher caffeine content than a cup of latte. The misconception about espresso is that many coffee drinkers assume it’s a highly caffeinated drink because the drink gives them a ‘kick’ almost immediately and espresso is a highly pressurized and concentrated coffee. Therefore people assume that because it is concentrated and dark, it must have high caffeine content like black coffee. But now you know better.

Lattes are always Milk-based but Frappes aren’t always

Like the name latte implies in Italian, it means ‘milk coffee’. A latte wouldn’t be a latte with just an espresso. Steamed milk is an integral part of a latte recipe. The steamed milk makes the drink a hot beverage and it’s sometimes beaten into a foamy consistency as a topping for presentation. Baristas cannot make lattes without milk. 

Flat White vs cappuccino

However, including milk in the frappe drink is treated optionally. Milk could be omitted only to be replaced with ice-cream or whipped cream topping. Some believe milk is treated optionally because it’s a frothy drink and it has a sweetener like sugar. Whatever the reason may be, we know that lattes will not exist without milk but frappe does not essentially rely on milk.

How do they taste?

The flavor of the espresso in a latte is muted and subtle mostly because of the milk. Whole milk does an even better job of blending out the espresso flavor. The higher the protein and fat content of the milk incorporated into the latte drink, the higher its chances of evening out the bitterness of the espresso coffee. Typically a well-made latte tastes smooth, creamy, rich, and velvety. 

Frappe is a stronger coffee drink compared to a shot of espresso latte. Sure enough, the sweetened cream, whipped cream toppings, milk, sugar and ice-cream incorporated into the drink could make it a delicious drink, depending on your preferences but some coffee drinkers seek out this drink because of its dark and bitter undertones when it’s just instant coffee blended or shaken with water, ice and sugar. This drink can be sweet with undertones of bitterness; creamy and rich, delicious, and fruity. 

Artistic Latte and Frappe Toppings

Many latte consumers are impressed with the varied latte art that can range from different shapes and drawings. Many baristas use the latte art to show their skills and make a good cup of latte presentation to their customers. Latte art is even sorted after by some customers to make a statement to their friends or loved ones or just for their own private pleasure. 

While a frappe cannot make latte art, it can however have its own beautiful toppings, e.g. a whipped cream topping with a cherry on top or dust of powdered cocoa. A chilled frothy cream or milk poured over the crushed ice to give it a beautiful finish. The designs, whether latte art or topping designs is entirely up to the barista or the customer.

So whether you’re a latte or frappe enthusiast, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need. You’ll find more resources about other coffee types here.

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