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What is Nitro Coffee ? How is Nitro coffee made

If you’ve purchased coffee in the past few months, you’ve undoubtedly noticed “nitro coffee” in coffee shops and grocery stores. It’s amazing to see more people drinking nitro coffee, which some time back was only for the beer-obsessed home brewer. 

Today you will find nitro coffee is everywhere. You will find them in cans in supermarket and in store shelves. They can be easily spotted at the gas station across the world and even on the menu boards at small cafes and big chains.

People have realized the sweetness and the health benefits behind nitro coffee and hence have loved it. Companies today have made it available easily by storing it in a can but with the original sweetness and benefits. 

This uniquely cold-brewed style of coffee is infused with nitrogen gas to enhance both taste and texture. Coffee is served straight from the tap as opposed to standard coffee and is consumed cold rather than hot piping. Conventional coffee is also believed to be superior, both in terms of texture and flavor, and the health benefits it offers.

This should be an ideal article if you’ve heard the word Nitro Coffee before and wondered what exactly it meant and why there is so much buzz about it. I’ll explain what exactly it is, including the difference between a normal cold brew style.

What exactly Nitro Coffee is?

Nitro coffee is Cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas added to it through a tap. The effect of gas addition is a smooth texture not found in typical coffee and a rich taste.

While “Nitro Coffee” may sound like a trendy brand name, it is, in reality, a detailed description of what this coffee is. It is a form of coffee that was cold-brew and had nitrogen. It may sound odd, or even risky, but in fact, there is a long, storied history of putting gas into beverages. Gas is applied to beverages such as soda and beer and is very normal with commercial products nowadays.

The combination of coffee and nitrogen gas affects the beverage in many ways. This is a lot different from your regular coffee cup. Some people are drawn to this coffee’s unusual flavor and composition. Once tried they don’t want to go back to their old coffee until they are forced to.

To understand about nitro coffee, you first have to have insights behind the science that is used to brew it. The first stage of brewing it is to brew the coffee for around 12-24 hours using cold or room temperature water. It is then the right time to turn cold brew into a nitro-cold brew by infusing the liquid with a pressurized valve with nitrogen gas. It is this move that gives the signature velvety texture to an amazing cup of coffee.

The tiny bubbles of nitrogen lend the coffee a shimmery thickness. The cold brewing beans can turn their acidity down and then turn sweetness up. As you add nitrogen, it yields a frothy, milky layer which sinks from top to bottom. Coffee geeks call the gradation-in-motion a “cascade,” and if they still have your attention, they can equate it to a Guinness. And nitro is also kept in a keg, like stouts.

Difference between Nitro coffee and cold brew

The composition is the greatest difference between a cold brew and a nitro coffee. Although the two types are subtle and with a sweet flavor, nitro coffee offers a super-smooth, rich body with a frothy top resembling in appearance to your favorite mug of beer.

Nitro Coffee

How to make Nitro coffee?

The cold brew does not derive its name from the coffee temperature, but rather from the method of producing it. The cold brew, steeped in cool water at room temperature, is allowed to stand for about a day or half. Then the grounds are filtered out, and the rest of the liquid is chilled and served. Although nitro coffee is traditionally made first using a cold brew process, it is then poured into a keg. It is then passed through nitrogen gas which is then forwarded through a pressurized valve to create the “tap-like” condition, which looks (and tastes) undeniably better than any forms of conventional cold brew types.

How much caffeine Nitro coffee contains?

Nitro coffee is brewed by the use of a higher ratio of coffee grounds to water than standard coffee and is capable of picking up the content of caffeine. Some firms also say that this coffee boasts more than 30 percent more caffeine per ounce (30 ml) than standard coffee, though rates may differ by manufacturer.

Caffeine has been associated with a number of health benefits, with some studies suggesting that consumption of caffeine is associated with improved metabolism, improved athletic success, and a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes.

 Nitro coffee’s higher caffeine content cannot benefit everyone. Caffeine is not only highly addictive but can also cause side effects such as anxiety, erratic heartbeat, headaches, and high blood pressure. 

Some evidence indicates that certain individuals may be more prone to the effects of caffeine and may have an increased risk of adverse effects due to genetic differences.

What Does Nitro Coffee Look Like?

Nitro coffee doesn’t look like the regular coffee cup. A lot of people believe this coffee is beer the very first time they see it. It certainly resembles a dark lager because of the color and the way it froths on the rim. Some coffee shops choose to serve it in a glass mug because of its unique appearance.

Luckily there is nothing addictive about this cocktail! The only thing you will be soaking up as you drink it is caffeine. It might look like a beer glass, but it doesn’t taste like beer at all. This is a drink which you can enjoy at any time of day.

Nitro Coffee

Is Nitro coffee safe to drink?

Yeah, Drinking nitro coffee is safe and with benefits. One prime reason is that it contains significantly higher amounts of caffeine, and there are health benefits associated with taking high levels of caffeine. A 75 mg caffeine serving is related to improved concentration and alertness. A 16 ounce Nitro cold brew cup contains 280 mg of caffeine, excluding cream and sugar.

The nitro cold brew is distilled at a lower temperature, so it is less acidic. Acid occurs around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit when the coffee beans are roasted. The beans for this coffee often permeate much longer, even for days, producing less acidity.

Can you make Nitro coffee at home?

If you have tried nitro coffee at any store you might have thought of brewing a cup of this coffee in your home. Sadly, most people probably don’t have the necessary tools to make their version of this coffee. If you want to brew a mug of yourself, you need a way to add gas to your coffee. 

While this might not be an option right now, it is certainly likely in the future that you will have that choice. As demand for this coffee is rising, brand new coffee machines may end up hitting the market. Elsewhere, to get your nitro coffee fix, you’ll need to go to the right coffee shops.

Is it good for weight loss?

 Sure, after a workout, if you have been drinking nitro coffee, it will increase your body’s energy intake after exercise. It is known as the afterburner effect in the fitness world. If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you may already be very familiar with what this word entails.

The afterburner effect, in the simplest terms, is simply calories that you keep burning even after you have finished a workout. It is a cold drink readily available in the stores, or supermarkets. So don’t miss its benefits after a workout. 

There are a few studies on it that claims to drink a cup can activate your nervous system, which then sends signals to your body to start breaking down fat. Even the blood levels of the hormone Epinephrine rise when you drink nitro coffee. The hormone flows in the blood around the body and sends a message that helps to break down the fats and release them for use in the bloodstream.

The nitro-coffee even improves metabolism. Metabolism is the mechanism by which the body makes use of food to produce energy. The higher the metabolic rate, the higher the calories you eat when you rest.

Like hot coffee, cold brew coffee contains caffeine that has been shown to raise the metabolic rate of resting by up to 11%. Caffeine conduces an improvement in metabolic rate by increasing the speed at which the body burns fat.

Is Nitro coffee keto?

Big Yes!. It has zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero sugar, which means it’s perfectly fine to be considered as ketogenic.

Final Words :

Nitro coffee is definitely a beverage to fall in love with. If you like to enjoy a cold brew this would be an interesting try. However, you may have a tough time spotting a store that sells perfectly made Nitro coffee. One coffee shop that I can recommend in Starbucks.

I have written a detailed description of Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew which you can read if you are planning to visit it anytime soon.

I have shared the entire techniques of brewing a Nitro coffee and answered various doubts about it. If you have enjoyed reading about it, you can read a similar article about Decaf coffee, which is also a very interesting form of coffee available nowadays.

Happy Brewing 🙂

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